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3 things to know about triceratops

triceratops is NOT a torosaurus!

the theory was broken in two, because in no ceratopsidae, holes on the collar appear while growing, either we have holes, or we have no holes! secondly the weight of the triceratops is greater than that of the torosaurus and thirdly, here is the proof which destroyed the theory, discovery of young triceratops!

the ancestor of triceratops dates from the Jurassic period.

almost all ceratopsidae appeared in the Cretaceous, except ynlong who lived at the end of the Jurassic!

the largest ceratopsidae is not triceratops!

the largest ceratopsidae in the world is eotriceratops with a size of 11m long, it is just 1m smaller than tyrannosaurus!


That really interesting!!!
Alway thought the biggest ceratopsian is a triceratops