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3 things you didn't know about some dinosaurs!

1#some hadrosaurus (excellent duck-billed swimmers …) sometimes ate crustaceans! like the parasoaurolophus!

2#the greatest animal of all time is neither argentinosaur nor the blue whale! it is amphicoelias with a size of 60m long!
3#the most numerous dinosaurs are herbivores!

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I thought Amphicoelias didn’t exist anymore but I’m not sure… wait let me look it up.

There are 2 different species of Amphicoelias and it has an uncertain size.

I forgot the other names, I’m talking about the bigger one.

I was partially right. The amphicoelias you were talking about was Amphicoelias fragillimus, the largest ever found, atleast it was at first. It has now been renamed and regrouped to Maraapunisaurus fragillimus, which whilst still large, didn’t quite reach the size of 60 meters, rather closer to 28. The way this mistake was made is that Amphicoelias was thought to have been a diplodocid, long but with rather thin bones. There had been only found a vertebrae and for a diplodocid it was massive. Now it is an rebaccchisaurid which had way bigger bones but were not as long. There are still species of Amphicoelias but they are way smaller.

This was my presentation on Amphicoelias, the lost giant.

I spent way too long writing this.

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2 # the price of the biggest dino goes to Argentinosaur with its 40m!Screenshot_20210316-111657~2

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superb presentation @Antwan ,but you have to change picture!

What picture?

your user picture… the spinosaur is a T-Rex, well chosen, very beautiful image.

Really interesting!
They discover a new sauropod that might be bigger than amphicoelias, but it is not confirme.