3 times a day Gyrosphere to get distant Dino's

This would be a neat addition to the game. We are given a Gyrosphere we can bring out to get those distant good dino’s like T-rex or other good ones we want. It could be a three times a day use where it takes 24 hours to fully charge if used 3 times in a row.


Say an epic T-rex pops up in the distance across a river or your stuck at work.

  • You go to your screen with the scents, get out your gyrosphere. It puts it on the map. It has it’s own pulsating circle.
  • You poke close to the T-rex where you want to go. It rolls its way over to that spot past your outer circle.
  • Then you poke on the T-rex and you get to do full time darting on the T-rex.
  • When your done, you gyrosphere drives itself back and disappears back into your inventory.
  • If the T-Rex disappears before you poke on it, you can put your sphere away without counting as being used. This means you can get it out and drive it around the map as long as you want so long as you don’t dart something while its out.

You can do this 3 times in a day and Ludia can sell extra charges in the store for 200 green bucks per pop.

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Your suggesting more pay to win ?

Based on all the playing I do, I most likely would not need it any more than 3 times in a day. It is only occasionally I see something good off in the distance at work. Then once in a while when I’m headed to bed and spin the drops one last time I see something I almost want to get redressed and go running down the street to grab.

In order to sell an Idea to Ludia, you need to show them it’s worth all the programming and animation development cost.

No offense was intended.

Also ludia doesn’t base it’s money making offof satisfaction.

It uses frustrations and anger.