3 Trades, 3 Game Crashes

Been out of the loop for a long time. Trying to get blue for my son (didnt even know about the monthly events).
I saw some rumblings about the last update? Is this game just trash now or what happened?
Someone update the stranger, please!


Welcome back. My Game has generally been more stable since the last update. That said, I did have to uninstall/reinstall a couple of updates before that…

My son’s Game is on an older device and the Trade Harbor is a crap shoot as to whether it will crash the Game or not


Yep, game breaks more and more. Nothing is stable with my game. Crash crash crash. 2021 seemed more stable than now. I’m only here for the casual tournaments now.

I can’t even login to the game. I have never played such a broken game before in my life.

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My game regularly crashes on trades and has for about a year or so. CBA to report it as never lost the trade (I think).

@Tommi Hibernation mode now activated. :wave:


What has happened here, after the replacements, does not always, but often freeze, breaking the game. Since I play the game again, these errors are much more common than they were at the time. I am confident that there is a solution for this as well.
I tried to upload the bug last time, but again I only got the moderation :rofl: :rofl: It was my bad.