30 battles, this is horrible



And while you’re at it… THIS!

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While I won’t defend the current matchmaking you can’t look at trophy count as that is their season high score (as I understand it) - they could be many 100s different currently.

You also can’t get away from large level difference match ups unless everyone’s team is very balanced, e.g.

Your team: L20 x 4 L21 x 4
Their team: L17 x 4 L24 x 4
Similar team “average”.

You get your 4 x L20, they get their 4 x L24; you think you have been wronged.
You get your 4 x L21, they get their 4 x L17; they think they have been wronged.

Ok - that is an extreme example but it happens. I was feeling really sorry for someone when my L26 annilated their first two creatures, L22 and L23 but then they put on their L28/L29 and destroyed my team.

The more unbalanced a team is the more you can get an extremely weak or extremely strong 4.


Yup, know all that but if you encounter this 30 battles in a row… all we’re “told” about team balance (let’s be honest, 19-21 isn’t unbalanced) proves merely theoretically…

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Do to be fair, you are in Jurassic Ruins and there is where you are going to find the high end unbalanced matchmaking starting from. It doesn’t excuse it but it’s to be expected.

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If you know all that then why mention their trophy score?

Did you never encounter a team with a dino 4 levels lower than one of yours?
You would expect this only happens to you, but it happens to everyone else also. 50/50. If not, then you have been very lucky to be too high in the arena or something, and the game is balancing you to a lower spot. This could be because other players are more active than you and generally you are being surpassed instead of climbing at the same rate.

Lots of theories, but in general you should have just as much luck as your opponents. If everyone would lose, say, 10% more often than win, then you would end up at 0 trophies. You have 3658. So you do win. And that’s probably the number you are supposed to be at.

Some matches would swipe you off your feet, sure, that’s the current matchmaking issue we are all complaining about for months and know all too well. But those guys also lose a lot because of the bad setups they would get in other matches.

This is why I don’t get it when people say they won’t battle because they lose 20-30 matches in a row and can’t get incubators (and this is not aimed at Poezzzie) - surely in that time frame you would drop to the point where you at least win 50/50 … :crazy_face: 2-3 I could understand but 20-30?

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She didn’t say she lost 30 times :slight_smile: But yeah, it should always average out somewhere.

I know, that’s why I said it wasn’t aimed at her - but there are plenty of threads/comments saying they never win :slight_smile:

Lately it also doesn’t really matter anymore how high your trophy count is and how much you drop. I dropped 500 at some point and don’t care. Still facing challenging battles. I’m happy when I win one, I move on to the next when I lose.

Anyway Poezie, there isn’t much we can do about your issue besides complain to Ludia about the match making algorithm. It’s bad, and it’s unfixable because of boosts, so let’s hope it doesn’t take too long for them to come up with some sort of improvement.

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Never underestimate the ability of this game to screw you. I lost 20 in a row once…


Because we also have alliance missions… but thanks, just rub it in a little more. Happy you’re finally winning again. Enjoy while it lasts :wink:

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It’s not luck, nor rng. Google rng and you’ll wind up at all sorts of gambling mechanisms. Rng is an invented term to make the losing bearable and make you feel like there’s actually a chance you’ll win if you spend just a little more :wink:

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The weighting of the levels is not done correctly also. A lower level dinosaur should have less impact on the team score than the higher level dinosaurs. If you do it by straight level average, a player can put together a team of 6 level 24 dinosaurs, 1 level 30 dinosaur, and 1 level 10 dinosaur (to bring the average back down). This team would be average level 23 so even if the player’s level 10 did get drawn they’re still able to compete. If the level 30 gets drawn, it doesn’t matter too much what the rest of their draw is as the level 30 will decimate most of their opponent’s level 23 dinosaurs. Even if their opponent does manage to kill the level 30, they will be down at least one and their 2nd will either be very close to dead if not dead already leaving very little for their remaining 3 dinosaurs to deal with.

For team score to work it needs to be on a curve, or exponential, so that higher level dinosaurs have a much higher impact on the team score.


This reply actually makes most sense of all (without offending any other reply)

Plus the rarity of the dino should be taken into account as well. A Legendary LVL26 is not the same as a Unique LVL26