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30 chances of... where?

nice to have 30 chances for irritator, argentino and so.

but where? how get 30 dartings without spawns?

i was using uber all week, running half the city everyday. i got about 10 chances only.

what i see…



I didn’t get any Irritator, but that was because I didn’t bother running around my whole town looking for them. I could already tell I was out of luck when I have so many supply drops around me, and of all these, only 3 were event ones.

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My girlfriend and I got 30 irritator. I had 13 on day 1 and 10 or more day 2 then finished the rest on day 4. I also worked 11-12 hours each day.

Yep i think i actually got 25 done… making thing way difficult! I cant even find a carbo in the places they say they are goi g to be parks and aquariums! I spent 6 hours on a hunt and didnt see one! Also used a epic scent( knowing it wouldnt help, but just maybe…). disappointed with ludia. And ive decided not to give ludia my hard earned cash except for the subscription ( cause this game is aweful without it).

I got all 30 irri but I was traveling with the bus coz I wanted irri…

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Mine were few and far between also. Only got 6 Irri and 3 Argent.

The rest were Tupan

I got 25 attempts in but darted Argentina and irritator equally.

All irritator leveled Magna up twice. You had to really push it, maybe too much… However, parks helped me out since there is always a few in parks.

I returned to my park a few times per day and hit areas where there was at least 3-4 green spinners in a decent distance. Rinse and repeated that.

I had 3 spawns in range of my house. I could have just stayed home and got 30 in 2 days lol. I did drive around some so I could get the ones I wanted.

Only got 21 dinos out of 30 attempts. Split between Argentino and irritator. Didnt have one at reach at home sadly and only one at walkable distance… have one for epic now xD. Had to drive a bit and hunt them out with the time I had.

Gave up on the commons - think I darted about 10 Phorus - really poor distribution of drops; rares were better and got all 30 Irri, roughly 10 a day without too much trouble. 6 Smilos was easy.


I only got 1 argento and 1 irri… :frowning:

For me irritators spawned almost everywhere … but I was looking for Argentinos. Only found 11 or so Argentinos.

Leveled magna twice?!? Lucky! I had sooooo many fuses of 10 before I got a few 20s and a 30 I was only able to level mine up once, 27 to 28.

Not sure if you realize it, but this guy has Irritator level 16. Feel your pain upgrading it from level 15, probably miss-click :thinking:

Well still got me beat mine is only lvl 26 lol went from 24-26. Lucky a few 50 fuses.

Yes a terrible misclick lol ITS ALL IN THE PAST :turtle:

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sorry, it seems bad translation of mine.
should i edit title to “attempts” instead of “chances”? :open_mouth:

I dont see the point… we all knew what you ment.

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things way better this week. :heart_eyes:

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Green is the new Orange.