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30% less players in PvP ? Huge lose of players?!

Hey Folks,

Have there been a huge lose of players this season?

Anyone hearing something?

Difference is nearly 30%…

Last season, compared to my max score of 51xx:


New season:

The arena is an absolute snooze fest at the moment so I’m not surprised at all…

However, if that’s the end of last season compared to the start, I imagine there’s a lot of players who just compete towards the end of the season because of the reason above


Thanks for replay.

Why would players come back if they are not actice in the arena for a month?

Reset causes ripples throughout the entire game, and a lot of people avoid arena until those ripples are gone


And more and more people start to drop. A lot of players are sick of facing the same teams over and over again, which now even got worse with Lux and Magnus being in every single team above 5500 trophies.

And on top of that, this month we have a terrible reward. Both, my Tuo and Dio, already are at 30. So why should I struggle in higher arenas when I can drop and farm some incubators?


You’ve hit the nail on the head @Samzilla

Why would players want to go through the stress and hassle of battling in an already toxic arena when they’ve been dropped by Ludia anyway?

So many players will sit in Aviary when they ought to be in Library, or even Gyrosphere. There is absolutely no reason for them to try and better their score and climb the ladder.

How can Ludia not see this as a problem?


Many people are taking the month off because the reward is kinda lousy


But people need incubators and battles for the alliances?

They don’t really need those rewards. None of them need suchotator or procerathomimus

Only Kinda lousy? :rofl:

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Let’s see that level 30 touj @Piere87

Hmmm I’m a little short. Hunting sounds way more appealing then playing in the arena though :rofl:

JW Alive_2021-05-06-21-18-56

Its been a consistent issue with my alliance lagging behind in the weekly defence missions while the exploration is usually 2-3 steps further ahead, honestly the only reason ive been doing arenas at all this month is to get the daily diplo dna to unlock gemini.
The battle incubators themselves kinda suck rewards-wise.


Cause all top players who have maxed both hybrids and arena is awful. Wouldn’t be surprised for many to sit out the season or drop cause why push for a global rare that in most decent alliances requests would get filled immediately.

This is actually completely normal but when I say the vast majority of this games playerbase is extremely casual this is the kind of stuff I’m talking about.

I have a level 1 account I always play a match to check out numbers and their is a pretty clear pattern regarding pvp.

During week 1 only like 30-40% of the playerbase even bothers too play one match.

50% is achieved normally halfway through week 2.

80% by the end of week 3

The other 20% trickle in till the end of the season.

This has been consistent for over a year now.

This is why when I talk about how to fix the game and match making I’m always taking about how Ludia has to get the casuals playing more. It’s kinda hard to fix match making when only a fraction of the playerbase are daily battlers. They don’t even care about their daily incubator… really think they are gonna battle for trophies.


I’m not really surprised… that’s what you get when the highest levelled and boosted teams roam all over the arenas and nothing’s done about it…


I certainly don’t care about my DBI anymore, it’s not worth the stress of poor matchmaking most of the time.

Except when they go and make it a daily mission when there’s Diplo to be had. Ugh. Outside of that, I battle approximately once to make sure I get the seasonal DNA rewards.

IMO the monthly reset is way too often for us folks in lower Library to level out with our peers. Bimonthly or quarterly resets (maybe still monthly rewards as long as you do X number of battles to qualify) would be better.

Since there’s not a cap on trophies, another good solution would be to raise the reset minimum so it only affects Shores players battling for the top spots. (They’re going to end up there anyway and we shouldn’t pretend like the reset does anything good for anyone other than them-it gives them them a chance to overcome RNG while creating so much stress for the non-competitive looking to flesh out their collections.)

All of us casual players are content to not compete with the likes of them if we can help it.