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30 second timer and AI option gone

Figures. Just yesterday I was saying how fighting AI is the only thing that I enjoy about the arena anymore (maybe even the game) and now that option seems to be gone. Anyone else? Just me? I have restarted a couple of times. Nothing.

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Disappeared from everyone a little over 12 hours ago, im guessing there changing lots of things right now to make sure the tournament goes ahead ok,

Doubt it will be the last change we see in the coming week.

Seems like they can’t fix one issue without causing an issue elsewhere. This game is built like a jenja tower


I just figured that was their fix… Just get rid of it.

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I so wish they would bring it back. It’s annoying just sitting there for five minutes waiting for a battle.

Hey Rantz, it was disabled temporarily for the Tournament. Once the Tournament is over, AI battles will be available again.

@ned, is there any possibility that the AI option, (when it returns) could be accessible before normal matchmaking begins?

That would be wonderful.

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Hey @Ned , are they not able to have the AI function just for the regular arena and not for the tournament arena? Are the arenas using the same exact coding? I don’t expect you to have the answer to everything but maybe the devs could explain a little more of what is happening lol it seems like something that can be done, having a different code (for AI functions) for the 2 arenas… but who knows :thinking:

I’m not really sure, @Pedrovisk, but I have had similar feedback from other players as well about having the AI option enabled for the regular Arena during Tournaments, and I’ve passed it along back to our team! :smiley:

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@Ned , you’re an absolute legend! Thank you :sunglasses::+1:

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Best part about 1.7 gone :roll_eyes: even if it’s temporary. This sucks. Ludia cant do anything right. They need to hire more capable employees

Or NBC universal should look for another developer.

I’ll pass the suggestion along, @GorillaGlue. :slight_smile:


I fear @Ned would get fired if he suggested that one, and we don’t want him gone we just want a better game :rofl:

Thank you, Sir. :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to think of a negative aspect if this were to happen, and I’m not seeing any yet, but obviously I’m not a software dev lol.

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hell nooo you dumb ludia mates

And what about the 30 second timer? And started 2 battles and 3 times only view of arena. Started app up and battle already was in progress. Lost of course. What to do?

besides ez incubators to get more arena exclusives quicker? someone can sit there and spam ai plus speed incs… no good my dude.

I dont see that as an issue at all.

Its no different then visiting the online store. Well actually the store is 10x worse for game balance but it makes money so I understand why its there.

Dont see any reason why this shouldnt be an option though. You only get 1 daily inc and 4 slots, so no issue.

Sure peeps might pay to speed up, but im sure Ludia would love that too. Win/win :slight_smile:

omg lol. so players paying and taking advantage of that is good for balance?