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30 trophy win/loss is unfair

I don’t understand why I lose 30 trophies after a 0-3 loss after getting matched with (yet another) arena dropper, who is rewarded with a 30 trophy gain.
This is far worse than the old system!

The original elo system was best, Idk why it had to be “improved” in various ways just to get to what is basically the old, broken tournament system! At the very least, can’t you at least give us the current tournament system in the arena? (30 per win, 1-30 per loss, depending on arena).

Whatever you do, please don’t keep this mess, which is the worst system JWA has had so far in the arena. I used to love the PVP, but this unfairness has just about ruined it for me.


The original system was broken and giving in many cases +40 to the stronger op and only +20 to the weaker if they won. It was not meant to behave that way.

It should have been a weak opponent loses 20 against a stronger op, while gaining 40 if they won. A stronger op would gain 20 if they won or lose 40 if they lost.

Most battles were rewarding trophies backwards, but some users oddly said they saw very little of this happening. Many, maybe even most, said this was the normal outcome for them.


Then they should have fixed it and not come up with this simple non-solution.

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I agree completely

Unfortunately this is yet another problem that is caused by the players, and Ludia are getting the blame!

Anyone who reads the forum will know I’m not a Ludia apologist, but if players didn’t abuse the system we wouldn’t have to endure this.

Sure, the wait in the top arenas is down to Ludia, but otherwise it’s a mess caused by the players.


Fix matchmaking and we would have alot less people dropping on purpose just to get incs. I don’t do it and never will but I can see why people do


To fix matchmaking there needs to be a bit of an effort by the player base too.

Like yourself, I wouldn’t even contemplate dropping. All that would achieve is a quicker dbi at the expense of some poor players who may be really trying to climb up the arena.

So it’s a two way thing.
Some players will always look to find chinks in the armour and abuse them.


What effort by the player base? I don’t control how strong my opponent is.

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Placing to much blame on the player base over match making.

Players are not updating their teams after major patches. They stick with their highest levels regardless of how good they are. Literally had a guy defending his choice to keep info on his team cause it’s his highest level.

So you have some very unbalanced teams… like teams full of indos g1 g2, Thor, prorat… levels 27+
Along with the current tyrants max, tryko, magn, dio.

How can one provide balanced match making when that is a normal avairy team. I play them all day long sometimes I can overcome the level deficit with a superior team. Sometimes I can not. We apparently are both winning 50% of the time so match making is working.

Another thing that isn’t helping is Ludia nerfing these creatures to the ground. Players aren’t able to adapt their team fast enough. While the 17k that make it to library do… another group is handicapped enough by their team selection their not progressing like they should.

This match making isn’t all on droppers it’s a by product of Ludia forcing meta changes by over nerfing.


I’m not saying it’s all down to the players, far from it.

As @Evicton says, when your team is nerfed it’s hard to let go, so payers will put boosts on it and the new meta is not so new for everyone.

And we will get matched with players who really only battle for their dbi and don’t really compete, so their team is way op for where they are.

But do we get a 50/50 win loss ratio? Pretty much we do, so the matchmaking isn’t so bad is it?
Sure we get wiped 0-3 but it’s just as likely the next match will be a 3-0 win.
We all know what really caused the issues with matchmaking, boosts!


I like it. Keep it.

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As far as the trophy issues go who knows what their reasoning behind this was.

My guess was it was a knee jerk reaction to two of the best players leaving. One of the reasons for them leaving was every match they played they could only win 20 and would always lose 40… which makes battling a risk. Have 2 win twice to make up for one loss… have to win 3 times for a positive trophy experience. Can’t even really just sit cause of daily and alliance missions.

But yes the trophy system from tournaments would have been better. Or even a system were you can win 25-30 and lose 20-25. Lots of different systems could have worked. Ludia choose one that’s gonna get the most backlash.

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I don’t mind the scoring system. The old one was backwards, as stated before. Maybe to Improve the system Ludia could give us 2/3 options for opponents. The first option is a lower ranked player, where you win a small amount, but lose more if you are defeated. The 2nd option is a player who is very close to your level so the win 30 lose 30 works. The final option is the hard one, with you facing a stronger opponent and you gain the max trophies if successful. I know it would be hard to implement, but it takes away the complaints of being matched against more powerful players

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And just to state my opinion on the current system.

I like it better than any other option to be honest.

It’s hardly fair to top players if they are always going to lose trophies at the level they were, and that they needed 2 wins to break even.

If next season in the football the previous league winners were only given one point for a win but lost 3 for a loss there would be a major outcry.

And should we give a lower league team a head start in a cup match?

Matchmaking can’t be fixed, because of players. There are different types of players. You have big spenders and hard grinders on one side and casual players on other side. Every player has different play style and differently improve its team.

For fair matchmaking way more jwa players are needed.

Droppers are another issue. Though arena after 2.0 depends on draw luck (70% at least).

Personally dropped few times from high Gyro to Library, due to bad losing streaks.


I think it can be fixed in the sense of being better, but to fix it, it has to be more restrictive. On the far end, it could be over restrictive.

Removing strength in matching, limiting droppers, adding rarity limits until certain arenas, and even dino lv limits until certain arenas would definitely solve some of the problems.

I think dino lv limits though are probably not the best idea. But trophy only matching, limiting droppers, and possibly rarity limits for the lower arenas would let people face each with similar win rates and similar dino rarities for whatever level they are at.


Match making would be significantly improved if Ludia would make some changes to get a larger % up the ladder.

Last I check this seasons numbers look like this…

Total arena players who have played one match: 260k

Those who have made it to sorna: 75k
Ruins: 60k
Library 17k

Now sure their are some alt accounts but even if everyone who made it to sorna had an alt account you still have a large pool of players to draw on.

What’s really telling though is those numbers are essentially the same as when I quit 6 months ago.

So in 6 months time there really hasn’t been much playerbase progression. This has a lot to do with Ludia constantly feeding us a particular type of dna for months… like say prorat or indo g2 then nerfing it out of viability.

If Ludia had simply balanced these Dino’s so their still viable rather then nerfing them to force a meta change. We would get a larger group of people up the ladder and the ladder who be a far different experience.


also lessening the effects of season reset. players get pushed down, and pushed down hard into arenas that take team power into account and it becomes near impossible to get out.


Agree on that. Timezones, raids, tournaments even more shrink those numbers. So from 17k players in Library, around 6k are online at same time. Only some of them battle in arena. Thats too low number, to have fair matchmaking.

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Yup and if we’re gonna be honest this game is never gonna have its launch numbers back so we have to many arenas for the current playerbase.

Best solution is for Ludia to get more of the playerbase into the top arenas.

2 years in we shouldn’t still have the bulk of the playerbase in low/mid arenas.

But it has to be done in a smart way… making more uniques viable… less harsh nerfs when nerfs do happen.

Giving away more free dna just compounds the problem.