3000 gem chest is it worth it?

Also can you get legendaries from the chest? What are ways to get legendaries in the game that dont require you to spend a ridiculous amount of money?

Every time you Level up 6 heroes you will get an equipment pack.
Equipment pack has 80 rare, 8 epic and 1 legendary gear.

Hold your gems for guaranteed legendary parks. Rarely there are 2 for 1 deals on Legendary Packs for 2500 gems.

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If you spend a lot of money yes. If your trying to get the biggest bang for your gems then no. The best bang for your gem spending is the 2 for 1 card packs the renew every 24 hours. But they only do the 2 for 1 around 1 time a week. The next best bang is just the regular card packs that renew every 24 hours. Then after that it would be the timed chests in the arena mode. Then it’s the 3000 gem chest and then the 1500 gem chest. But if your looking to gain a legendary card you need to save for the 3000 gem chest. I’ve opened around 9 of the 3000 gem chest and received around 8 legendary cards. A legendary card is not guaranteed. I’ve spent around $500 on this game thus far. The best bargain is spending $15 real dollars on 1 legendary card. Ive only seen 1 promotion for that deal so far. That’s when I bought around 8 cards for my Halbenet/Cleric hero. Getting 2 legendary cards of the same kind will also give a major roll chance or some other type of upgrade to the stats. Here’s pics of my current Cleric legendary cards.