3100 trophies. Just started using only birds


They are pretty useless. In 30+ games, I only just now won the first. I was at arena 7. Dropped to low Arena 5. And just won by dumb luck.

Unless the birds got a buff, they’ll stay pretty useless.


They’re primarily meant as harassers, because of their Swap-in Abilities. They’re not meant to completely carry the fight all the way. You swap one in, hit the opponent, swap back out for a dino that deals lots of damage.

It’s a simple strategy, I’m surprised more people haven’t started using it. That’s more or less the only purpose the pteros serve.


You didn’t say level of them, we are supposed to guess ? They are of course useless if you have them at level 6 and they are not if you have them at level 30…


Yeah, if you overlevelled your Alanqa or Pteranodon to 30, you’d be doing some real damage. But with the backlash to the birds right now, I don’t see people overlevelling them anytime soon.


The pterosaurs will become relevant in the game wait and see…