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3140 point down to 2699 because of unbelievable problem I face when battling with opponent


I feel so disappointing about the battling of this game . My personal battling point down to 2699 form around 3140 since August. Every time of battling ,i always facing this several problem:

1: I can’t choose my skill, I only can wait for the time past and attack the opponent with 1st attack skill or restart the game to continue the battling. This is the common problem I face every battling. It happen in most of the battling. Like every 3battling will get more than 1of this problem.

2: Opponent’s dinosaur can stun me every time and all of the normal attack can get a critical hit on my dinosaur . This is the newest problem I face this few day. All the opponent I met all can 100% stun me( like the Stegoceratops and Stygimoloch) , and critical hit on me more than 4,5time at one battling. ( 20% critical hit of Tyrannosaurus rex but more of time are heavy four legs dinosaur like Stegosaurus and the dinosaur that don’t even have a increase critical hit skill with only 5% critical hit like the raptor and Suchotator). I never face this problem before, May be is just coincidences but it happen every round this few day and today is the most in have encounter.

3: Some time the opponent dinosaur is like an undead dinosaur, even its already 0HP, still can make my dinosaur stun and keep attacking until opponent win and I lose the game .

4: I never get any 12hours and 24hours battle prize since August. I only can get 15mins and 3hour prize for it. Last time still can at least get a 8hours prize one day, but now I can’t . I losing so many point and I win the battling so hard , but only can get a 15mins tiny prize. That’s why I feel upset about it.

5: the battle sometime will skip my attack and let the opponent dinosaur attack two times on me. And that’s a dinosaur that don’t have any counter attack skill.

I screenshot everytime when the problem happened. Here is some screenshot I have:

and that’s more below all of them.

I hope support team can fix the problem as soon as possible.

I need help to take back my point and for personal opinion , I think the game should do some update like :
A) set all the dinosaur as a same level when battling. This the reason why should do that:

1: everyone luck is different, for me, I’m a very bad luck person. I’m not only have a very less change to get a 24hour battle prize and also have a less change to critical hit opponent dinosaur, even my dinosaur have a 75% instant stun change, I never stun any dinosaur in every battling I have went thought.

2: To be fair. I always meet dinosaur that higher than me, and more of them is more than 20level or have legendary dinosaur like the indominus rex. And… I only got a level 12 to level 13 dinasaurs, the strongest one only level 18.

B don’t randomly choose the dinosaurs for me. Like I say. I’m not a lucky person. More of the time the game just randomly pick the dinosaur with lower level with lower attack and lower health and then my opponent always got raptors in the team

C set a limit of point for every lost point of every stage . Like u are in lockdown stage 6 , and u can only lost your point down to 2500, so no need to go back to stage 5 or lower again. And other reason is can stop unfair battle.

Sorry about that my English is not good, I have try to mail the problem to support team, ask for giving back my point or do something about the problem but never getting better or give me something as a comfort because of this problem.

I love this game, more fun than pokemon go. I hope Jurassic world can become better and better.


Ever thought of people coming from other countries and not being native English speakers? That‘s really no reason to complain about. On the other hand the description of one guy having all the possible bad luck in this game sounds a bit exaggerated. Either he is lying/exaggerating or he must have broken a lot of mirrors in his past life. :wink:


Yeah I’m thinking English isn’t their first language no need to be so rude.


Whenever I encounter someone who doesn’t speak English well, there’s likely to be another language they speak infinitely better than I.


let’s see you write a paragraph in chinese :joy:


Honestly, pvp needs to be removed from the game at this point.


Hey LuciferYee_0102, some of the issues you have listed could be just normal gameplay in the Arena or connection errors, try the troubleshooting steps here and see if it helps: Lost a battle I was winning

If you’re not able to see your dino’s abilities, try force closing and relaunching the game immediately and see if that makes them reappear, our team is aware of this issue and they’re still investigating.

Feel free to contact our support team at with your support key if you’re still having any issues.