-33% and -50% opponent speed, what difference?


What difference does it make to reduce 33% and 50% when the fastest is 132.


This really only matters when you and your opponent are both using speed lowering moves.


Even so, wouldn’t it be the same if both used the same move set? regardless who has higher speed it will eventually back to same…cannot figure out…maybe some expert can…


The -33% is a no cooldown move that lasts only 1 turn. (Superiorty Strike) The -50% has a cooldown of 3 or 4 moves and lasts for 3 turns. (Thagomizer, Slowing Strike) These moves would be used at different times depending on the battle. (There are probally more slowing moves that I didn’t include but I don’t feel like looking them up atm.)


Thank u for explaining, i still can’t understand.
So what’s the difference from -33% for one turn and -33% for three turn?
Regardless of 33 or 50, as long opponent speed faster it can slow down and gain advantage right?


It means you don’t have to waste an additional move to slow the enemy down for the total duration of the debuff (eg. 3 turns).


I got this. 50-33= 17% difference ha! I told you i got this. I was good at maths at school! :blush:

I do not believe anyone has said it yet LOL


Would be 132 - 33% - 50%


The point is that if you lose 33% but your opponent loses 50%, you are faster.


Perhaps it is good to make a concrete example, so as to better understand your question:

Ouaranosaurus - basic speed 114 VS Amargasauro basic speed 103

Ouara goes first with Superiority strike, so amarga’s speed will be decreasing by 33% (103 - 33,99 = 69,01) then amarga uses Slowing impact so ouara’s speed will be 57 (114 - 57). In this case amarga will go first in the next attack.

If they both have the same speed reduction ability, ouara always be first as she is basically faster.

I don’t know if this helps… if not, I haven’t understood weel your question, so please but at least two lines explaining your concept.


Thanks, i understand now…


honestly, the only -33% that I know of is superiority strike, which is also a cleansing move, so even if you are thagomized (-50%), you would cleanse it off, slow them down, and be faster anyways regardless.

not really any difference, except the 50% lasts for multiple turns, unless cleansed off.


Yes, but in my example Amarga will go first in the second attack, not Ouarano because she can clean herself after the Amarga’s hit in the second attack. So yes she can be slow in just one turn, not many, but it is already something to go first, even if for just one round.