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33 Barf & Belch Points for 500 runes?

I just got scammed by buying a 500 runes LARGE Chest and got only 33 points for Barf and Belch. LIKE HOW ANNOYING IS THAT LUDIA!!! I WANT THE RUNES BACK! With 500 runes I could get easily over 200 points!

I want my 500 runes back and please remove these 33 points from my barf and belch. It’s a total scam! How in the world should I know that I can get ONLY 33 POINTS from a LARGE CHEST??? Write that under the chest so people don’t get scammed!

Waiting your reply on how to remove these 33 points and return my 500 runes back to my account.

Hey @edsdanny, our support team would be glad to assist you with this to the best of their ability so please send them an email at If you can remember to include your support key in the email, you’d really be helping to speed up the process!