-33% speed reduction not working “Stegodeus”

Anyone else has this issue?

Can you provide a few more specifics? What creature was your opponent using? Were you hit by a slowing move before you used Superiority Strike?

The more details you’re able to provide, the easier it will be for other players to determine if they’re having similar problems, or if this is an isolated issue.

It seems to be throwing a lot of people off that is no longer cleanses speed reduction so it reduces 33% but decel impact reduces 50%. This also means if you decel with stegod then SS they are 83% reduced for 1 turn. It actually does add an element to the strategy


Yep people still dont get it. Everybody asked for superiority strike and stegod to get nerfed. They nerf it and people think their game is broken lmao

Its just funny at this point


Yap, we need think carefully for use ss now, coz in that 1 turn determine who win and who lost.

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I was against same creature, it hit me with slow speed and i use cleansing move, but my opponent go again…
I never ask any nerf or buff in the game, play as what is given, so this is not complain, just want to know what’s happening.

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its not cleansing move though. its superiority strike and that move does not get rid of slowing moves anymore, nor bleeds either just distract moves.


oh, u mean the “description” in the move is wrong?

nope. read it. the description says exactly what it does now. it does not say it cleanses slow or DoT moves.

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