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3300 trophies and play against bots. Absurd


I am in the range of 3300 trophies. And I played four times in a row with bots. Everyone had level 28 … 27 … epic level 23. Aff I’ve spent over 200 usd on the level advancement offer and Ludia puts me to play with bots? This is absurd .I liked the game but he cheated. I did not spend 200 USD to play against bots. Look at the photos.


That’s the trap.

At the moment bots can go up until L30. So, the higher your dinos level, the higher the bots dinos level. Unless you buy incubators and level up your dinos until L30.


You can beat these Bots with Lv. 25s for sure … with Skill and Legendaries/Uniques. A lot of 4000+ players do so.

@Marcos_Krause You lost two Matches versus real players before getting Bots, right? You will get Bots until you beat one of them now.


Been noticing a pattern, bots usually will occur after losing to two actual people. These bots often have mid to sub high 20’s. But higher the rank less pool of people, often when on a win streak and can’t find a player. After the Q waits to long it will pick the lvl 30 bots. When on a win streak or even one win keep your Q 10 or even less seconds. If no one joins just keep resetting the battle may take longer but oftenly your trophy score will fluctuate up and down until your in a battle.


Its the final arena, so i think game design means either we play long til we hit higher lvls and legendary or we reached the max rank for now


I played with three bots in a row. Everyone was level 30. It’s very sad because it’s a promising game


What if they’re not bots but just high level people? What gives it away?


You can beat bots with level 20s if you get lucky. I get them all the time when on a win streak, but I rarely win. Even if I lose to the level 30s while on a win streak, I go back to fighting humans right away. It’s 3-4 wins and then a guaranteed level 30 speed bump. It’s very annoying.


So let me get this straight. You get a bot if you lose twice in a row and you get a bot if you win 3-4 times in a row? I don’t understand Ludia’s logic.


Yeah lvl 30 ones can even start from a single win, I’m in 200ish at the moment. Even when in 500 just be patient on your win streaks and keep rinsing your battle Q. I’ve not vs a lvl 30 bot in three days now. If the Q taking to long and the possibilities of vsing a lvl 30 bot are increased take a lil break. People will win and lose anyway against these bots while you wait sometimes increasing your rank. Point being patience finding matches helps, you’ll notice it on your rank sooner or later.