3500+ awards tomorrow?


If so, any word what/when?


There is a countdown timer on the mail page… like 19hrs or something


13hrs 16 minsxxxxxxxxx


Ty! 20 tys…


I’m gonna be annoyed if they try to give me a bunch of deinocheirus DNA in an incubator. I have a feeling something like that is gonna happen.




They did say it was rare dna. So 250 Edmuntosaurus dna coming up :grinning:


Edmontonsaurus is useless now. Can’t fight and no hybrids. What I hope for is sinoseratop

But that’s an epic…:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


6.5k rare triceratops dna? Can I have it if you’re not using it :yum:


Noooo. You can’t throw a stick around here without it bouncing of 3 triceratops. I saw 5 on the way to work this morning. Sinoceratops please


Yep, triceratops aplentiful…no sino tho


I didnt get the reward. Did anyone else?


No reward here either :neutral_face:


Just reread it. It doesn’t say Rare dna it says Blue dna, which is a little ambigous. Blue is epic so that would be more valuable.


The rewards for being over 3,500 trophies will be sent later this week. You’ll find your reward in your in-game mailbox.


Thank you! I appreciate it.


Thank you, was just wondering that myself!


Just to clarify, now that it’s a bee season we are free to tank right? :joy::joy::joy:

We still get reward if we were over 3500 at season end but are under now?


Dont see why the top 500 got great rewards when a lot of the people on top still have to be cheaters lol, getting to 4000 was really tough to do, and once you got there you really couldn’t stay without getting knocked back a fee hundred trophies by some stupid stuff


I also don’t like the idea that the top 500 gets rewards and the rest not.
Only the big spenders and indeed cheaters, and that makes it harder for the not rewarded to go in the top 500… bad idea