3500 but no reward?


I’ve been reset down to 3500 but haven’t received the reward? Anyone else got theirs yet or are they coming in the mail at a later date?

What was reward?

Same here no reward yet.

Where is my reward?

Later in the week it says


The rewards for being over 3,500 trophies will be sent later this week. You’ll find your reward in your in-game mailbox. Hope this helps and great work!


Thank you!! I should learn to read first :joy:


Where did you read it? I see the explanation above from Marcus, but I was reset and did not receive any kind of message. Am I missing something?


Hi @Amy1,

You can find more info about the Seasonal Tournament here.



Thanks! (20 characters)


Can I ask those who were 3500+ what their reward was? Thanks.


Being sent this week. Nobody gets it today.


Gotcha thanks man. Appreciate it


Epic Incubator. Kinda expected it.


This means that, For season 2, any players above 3500 trophies will be resetted to 3500. And of course you get a compensation reward for it.

However, for the actual Tournament prizes, only players with above 4000 trophies are eligible.