3500+ reset gift?


I was around 4k and got reset few days ago. I saw a tweet by Jurassic World Alive official saying the gift alr sent and its in our ingame mail. But i cant find one in my mail, should i wait a few days more or what? Thanks


Hey andredn8, the reset reward should have been sent to eligible players this week. If you have not received your gift by the end of this week, reach out to our support team at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key.


What do you mean by eligible? Is it did I really reach 3.5k or not? Isnt it? So should email to the support now? Thanks for replying :slight_smile:


you needed to be 3500 or higher at the moment they did the reset


Yeah i was almost 4k on the reset time :smiley:


Cheaters/those impacted by the 24hr ban weren’t eligible for the prize.

Not implying that you are one, but just saying there were other eligibility factors as well as having 3500 trophies at the time of reset


Lol that’s fine, idk if im somehow considered as cheater or smh else, sometimes i have gps issues that makes me jump on places around my home. But fortunately im not on the 24 hr ban that’s for sure. I alr sent an email to the support team and lets see how it goes :smiley:


Sir I just wanna make sure if its the support email you gave to me was right. Because ive sent an email to it and been waiting for at least 1x24 and there is no response yet, thanks!


Hey andredn8, the contact email is correct, but it might take some time for our support team to reply because they are receiving an influx of tickets. However, they’ll try their best to get back to you soon.