3500 trophies no longer put you in the top 500


How many do you need now


It’s been that way for a few weeks. I’d guess 3700+ now.


Dang it dang it gonna get a rope and hang it! :joy:. The amount of work it took to get me to 3512! I was 3499 and figured one more fight! :sob::sob::sob:


I don’t think I will ever get i! By the time I get to 3700 will need 4000 and by the time I get to 4000…

They need to open it up to the top 1000!:+1:


I agree and I totally know how you feel! :joy: but hey, if they ever do open it up to the top 1000 we’re probably there!


Probably would be there if it was the top 750


whats the point though? you can be #1 or the or have just enough trophies to be in arena 7 and your rewards are the same.


It’s a status thing for me! It’s just a goal allot of the arena 7 folks shoot for! Chances are good that even after I see it I will get knocked down


It’s at 3750 now. I reached 3725 and then have been getting level 30 Dino’s to battle. Droppping like a rock.

I’m not sure why the developers created a process where you battle against unbeatable foes until your soul is crushed as well.


You should know your rank even if you are 38518. It’s an incentive for people to get better. I don’t know why only the top 500 get to see their own rank.


Updates are coming… We shall be patient :slightly_smiling_face: