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36 attempts, 23 hours and very spaced out green event drops?


I was ok with their event changes until today when I am living in a big city and see that 36 attempts with 24 hours (in reality its 23 hours as they come-up 1 hour later) and then on top green supply drops are very far away from each other.

Ludia actually rather than fixing actual issues in_their_mind fixed the thing which was_not even broken.

Well done Ludia … Well done …


Yes, and with three strike towers today that dilutes the pool even more. I travel 14.6 miles to work and saw only 2 stegos. By comparison I pass several small parks and usually see one per trip in the wild.

This is the intended view of the new events? @Jorge @Ludia_Developers

36 tries over 24 hours how? Please tell me how this is reasonable.


With this intensity of hunting, they should make every supply drop a green drop. Now it’s difficult to complete these events even with driving or taking public transit.


With less strike towers and less event days there should be more green drops not same or even less.
Not sure why today we have 3 strike towers while yesterday was only one. Should be opposite as yesterday were no event drops.


Yea it figures. I will spend the better part of today at home, and there are 0 green drops in my radius out of 7 drops… They dropped the ball with this…

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I already have 23 done. 14 raptors but have to take what you can in 23 hrs. They are all useful.


I want Steg but also dart raptors and Parasaurolophus. No way am I seeing 36 steg.


Google translate is terrible but I get the idea :laughing:

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Once again, 2 of every 3 green stops I could see Monday and Tuesday are gone today. There’s no way I can complete more than 10 attempts.

Gg Ludia…


Basically, everyone have to play in a time based on his work, family and other things. The event is so big for let who have more time to spend pass it on the game. You cannot close the event? What’s the problem? Do the best you can offer, nothing more. If Ludia will make illimitate tryes on commons, what you will do?


Yeah they love to claim event stops are random but their are clearly less today then any day since the rework went live 2 out of 35 visible stops.