38 in a row

That’s how many I’ve lost. Dropped two arenas. Well done match maker.


Dang. That sucks dude


Wow that sounds statistically impossible, assuming you were trying to win every time with no connection glitches. I’ve lost ~10 consecutive a few times so I feel ya… but 38?!



Lol you ain’t kidding!! My team doesn’t stink either.

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I changed my team to a fully balanced lvl 16-17 legendary UNBOOSTED team. Dropped 600 trophy’s down to marshes and still falling. Also still encountering lvl 20 boosted dino’s. Curious where this ends and the actual “levelling” begins… :thinking:


I have lvl 18-21 unboosted team. I’ve now dropped to lockdown. I wonder where I’ll stop.

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You never level up unless you work way harder than the average player with a team like yours.

38 is really crazy though, can we just maybe have a peak at your team and boost stats? :slight_smile:

I don’t think this forum understands that this is probably the best comment we’ll ever see. I don’t think this can be topped. Well done, haha

Probably in Badlands or Lockdown based on those dino levels… but you will encounter boosted teams with level 20 dinos and some legendaries even there (can be used by players level 10+).

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I losing also a lot of matches.
My Trophies are going down from 3976 to now 3325.

I often have to play against opponents with 300-600 Trophies more than I have.
Well done Matchmaking-System :t_rex:

Losing trophies seems to be the trend, but 600 higher than you might just mean that that person was once at that level, but not currently. This is all just very confusing… On a player profile it should just say both current and highest standing.

the part that makes me feel old…

That’s a 25 year old movie…

We’re now Cap



Same for me. Im in the loserpool. No crit, no doge, no knock out for us. Ludia has split the players in two. Some allowed to win. Some not. It would be intressting whats leads them to such a behaviour.

It would take like 30-60 min to fix the whole matchmaking system but Ludia seems to be not cleaver enough.