3G fish and wood storage

I can storage up to 2G of fish and wood. I am getting in my explorations was 3G of wood. Where is the 3rd storage basin located at? What about the itchi arm pit area? Is there an extra wood storage here?

I also need more storage. I have several dragons sitting with a full load of wood and no place to put it as my storage in maxs out.

i have too much fish and not that much wood but my storege goes to 100,000

I have 10M fish and wood. If you are having trouble getting rid of resources remove rocks and trees. You have to pay attention to how much wood you get from removing trees though.

You will be able to store more rich and wood once you level up your basins up to 1G and then purchase the berseker island. This one will give you another 1G. I am stuck here. I don’t know when or where there is another basin to upgrade your fish and wood storage to 3G or more. My dragons are up to level 150 and the dragons’ missions are bringing more wood than the amount I’m able to store Right now, even with empty wood basins