3rd Community Design Challenge Winner: Gatzogoraptor

Hello all! Typically these are hosted from the JWA Artwork thread, but I’ve noticed during the previous two community design challenges that some missed out that wanted to participate. Hopefully everyone can have a better opportunity to take part with a front page open invitation!

All are welcome to take part; no age, style, or level of expertise are required!

The Challenge this time is:

Chaos Effect

Dr. Malcolm pegged it, Ingen has gone too far. Desperate to save their prehistoric DNA, they’ve gone to new lengths of hybrids by stepping outside the lines even of what they’ve already done. Step into the shoes of the Chaos Effect, and create something new with both Mesozoic and Cenozoic DNA


The rules:

Create a superhybrid made of 1 Cenezoic animal, 1 Carnivore, and 1 Herbivore

The hybrid parent does not need to be drawn
A Pterosaur can be used in place of either the carnivore or herbivore, but 2 pterosaurs can not be used in the same hybrid. The Cenozoic can not be substituted

The animals used do not have to be in the game. Any you want to use that fit the parameters you can use!

Example: Glyptodon+Torvosaurus= Torvoglyptus+Chasmosaurus
Example 2: Gastornis+Pelicanimimus= Pelicornis+Dakotaraptor
Example 3: Dire Wolf+Tupuxuara(subbed for Herbivore)= Canixuara+Australovenator

Any Rarity is acceptable

Color is optional

Create a small biography to tell us about your creation!

For the first time being optional, if you’d like to show us a move set of what your creature can do go ahead! If you don’t thats also fine!

And our winner is @Sarahsaurusrex and her Gatzogoraptor! @Slogokok34 was right on the heels of victory. Thanks again everyone who entered, everyone’s art improves every time one of these is held! Well done everyone :smile:

I’ll leave a future Community Design Challenge 4 in the hands of our winner for anyone looking to compete in the future. Check out JWA Artwork! to keep up with all the different artists’ projects!



([Hatzegopteryx + Gastornis] + Dakotaraptor)
As all of its main components have wing like structures, Gatzogoraptor ends up with feathery limbs. It is capable of gliding, but powered flight has not been recorded.
Damage- 1500
Health- 2010
Speed- 129
Crit Chance- 10%
Armour- 0%
Evasive Strike.
Lethal Wound.
Armour Piercing Rampage
Minimal Rending Attack

Here’s our entries:


@Dinobai18 and their Theritrovian


Name: Theritrovian (meaning “Scythe Bird”)

Parents: Therizinosaurus + Atrociraptor = Theritraptor ->> Theritraptor + Gastornis

Rarity: Unique

Health 3400
Attack 1550
Speed 131
Crit 20%
Armour 0%

Stalk (Priority; Critical Boost by 30% + Evasive for 1 turn)
Minimal Speed Strike
Crushing Beak (2x Damage → Bleed Damage for .25% for 2 turns [Cooldown 2 turns])
Definite Impact and Run

Swap in Precise Impact

[spoiler]Theritrovian is an avian hybrid that is incredibly intelligent thanks to the raptor DNA embedded in it. It displays very social behavior as well, such as squawking, barking and clicking their beaks towards one another - and their handlers whenever they approach. Some of the relatively friendlier ones are even known to groom their handlers’ heads on occasion.

Even so, as with all of Jurassic World’s carnivorous hybrids, there is a deadly side to Theritrovian that has been observed.

Theritrovian like to lurk among the thick underbrush, silent and still. Whenever prey is nearby, they watch silently with intense concentration, scouting the body for weaknesses. They use the feathers on their heads and tails as a way of silent communication, flicking and fanning them while they’re hidden.
Then, when the time is right, these clawed terrorists rush their prey/victim with immense speed, hooked beaks wide open for the killing blow. With the combination of their speed and strength, Theritrovian uses their vicious claws to slash, stab, and impale their targets, while their beaks work to break the bone and tear at flesh. They hop in and out of the striking range of their prey, working to make their prey succumb to their injuries by either shock, profuse bleeding, or a clamping beak to the neck.[/spoiler]

Next up is @Erlikg2’s vicious Hallucinator


Hallucinator (Unique)
Prenocephale+ Acrocanthosaurus+ Kelenken

Hp: 3300

Defense shattering strike
Shielded decelerating impact. Cooldown: 1
Raking claws
Berserk ( decrease opponent’s speed by 50% for 2 turns. Increase self’s speed by 40% for 3 turns. Deal 1.5× damage) Cooldown: 3

Records and documents of this creature have shown that it exhibits strange behaviors. The creature has been documented kicking at nothing, head butting its enclosure, and screeching at night. Further research is not an option as the creature is extremely elusive and vicious.

Followed by @Dinoking_Dash’s camouflaging Phorusmimus


Procertomimus + phorusrhacos
Phorusmimus is a nocturnal huter and scavenger. It is able to change it bottom feathers from red to grey to confuse it prey

Next is @Slogokok34’s dragonlike Epipedraco


health: 3200
attack: 1850
speed: 130
armor: 0%
critical chance: 30%


cleansing strike
distracting impact
definite rampage
instant charge

passive; none
SIA: swap in ferocity

a “perfect predator”, this hybrid not only can run with the agility of its Guanlong ancestor but also has hollow bones and perfect muscles for power flight; a real dragon between the hybrid race!

Followed by @Tuophysis’s Stgysrhacos


Health 3600
Attack 1500
Speed 130
Armour 0%
Critical 5%

Shielded Sidestep ( priority 66% chance to dodge 66% of incoming damage. 50% shield for 1 turn. Cleanse self)
Precise Pounce
Raking Claws
Instant Charge
Swap in Dodge

Like it’s hybrid parent, Buitreshracos, Stgyshracos is an omnivore, eating a diet many composed of nuts, meat and plant matter. Despite eating this mixture of food, this creature prefers to eat meat and will only turn to nuts and plants when prey is not nearby. Many researchers have puzzled over this strange habit as it would make more sense for it to eat plant matter as its other hybrid parent, Stgymolch is a herbivore. A suitable explanation for this is that Stgyshracos has developed more ways to successfully hunt it’s prey, allowing it to kill herbivores with more success than Buitreshracos ever did. Whilst it’s hybrid parents beak is incredibly blunt, making it useless for ripping flesh, Stgyshracos’ beak is serrated. This acts as a substitute for teeth, letting it rip and tear at flesh with some help from its claws. Another hunting technique involves using the large dome on this hybrids head. This creature charges at prey with incredible speed and rams its head into its target, temporarily stunning the opponent. This leaves Stgyshracos enough time to finish it’s prey off before it can even come back to its senses. Like all raptors, this hybrid hunts in packs, using it’s lethal weapons and brains to bring down large creatures. An extremely dangerous and intelligent hybrid…let’s just hope it doesn’t get out

Last but certainly not least is @MarijkeVZ’s totally out of the box Mosagaiatherium


As a highly agressieve and effective predator, dr. Wu and Ingen wanted to see how Mosasaurus would perform on land.
To achive this they needed a musculair body that would hold the speed and manouvrabililty.
Elasmotherium was the best option to active this. The creature was vulnerable for speedy predators like raptors and for pterasaurs. So dr.Wu gave the creature the armor of Miragaia.

So who’s was your favorite entry into Chaos Effect? They all definitely would make Dr. Malcolm sweat. Carefully consider the different creations our artists put together along with their biographies they put together of how they envision them. Thank you to all of our artists who submitted, we know how hard you worked on your creation, and value them as such :smile:

  • Dinobai18’s Theritrovian
  • ErlikG2’s Hallucinator
  • DinoKing_Dash’s Phorusmimus
  • Tuophysis’s Stgysrhacos
  • Slogokok34’s Epipedraco
  • Sarahsaurusrex’s Gatzogoraptor
  • MarijkeVZ’s Mosagaiatherium

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So, im not sure if this has been asked before, but what about a creature that is known to be omnivorous?

Would it be considered a carnivore or herbivore?

So for that I’ll be going by game logic as the deciding factor

Ornithomimids, therizinosaurs, and prosauropods will be counted as herbivores

Oviraptorids will be counted as carnivores

If it’s not one of those families let me know and we’ll get it sorted out :+1:


Alright! Thanks! My creature in question is already listed, so that’s awesomeness!

Thanks a lot :3


Haha! Yes!! I’m participating this time!


I’m having an awfull idea too, I think I’m going to take part also :sweat_smile:


OK, let’s get to work


exciting, I love seeing all the awesome art that comes from these challenges.


Almost finished colouring mine now. Really looking forward to Friday.


got the idea and coloring, I just need to add its moves

Voting is now open everyone! Thanks again everyone who entered, we had the most entries ever this time!

Everyone did love their terror birds this time that’s for sure :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


So hard to choose just one. All of them are just so imaginative and good.


why are most of these terror bird hybrids?

I guess everybody wants something done to the little terror ostrich we keep getting DNA for. How much you wanna bet that it’ll get a hybrid in the next patch?

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hey @DinoMaster3000, were acuatics allowed?

Aquatics are eligible

I suspected someone might do megalodon as it is also a Cenozoic

Titanoboa, Carbonemys, and megalania were also eligible as Cenozoics

dammit, I could have used icthyosaur DNA

one more question @DinoMaster3000, is Yi Qi a carnivore?

An insectivore, but by game logic I’d count it as a carnivore

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