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3rd VIP character

Any idea who it is ? I’m no longer VIP

He is called Didier Laurent if Im not wrong. And I saw in another post he has a counterpart who is Asian (don’t remember the name sorry :frowning: ). I got him know and I unmatched him to see if the counterpart appeared but now disappeared (oh god, I thought I was being smart but…duh)

I got the counterpart from the newsletter. I’m not sure the other guy’s name. I haven’t seen anyone who’s matched with him, yet

I did it… and I loved yours so I unmatched Didier (the other guy) and now I messed it all because now I have nothing XD

I have the curly dude, but I’m holding out for the other guy! :joy:

No idea if they only let us match with one? I’ve never seen either of them in the swipe pile, but since they’ll only be around for a few days I’m holding out for the other guy…

would be great if it would stop being men for a few rounds