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3v3 pvp

With the layout for raids the way it is everything is pretty much in place, do you guys think that 3 on 3 pvp matches are in the works? Would be pretty cool if executed well imo

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it could work but what does it give cuz it shouldnt be trophies

maybe introduce 3 arenas, unboosted, boosted, multiplayer teams


They could do it like clash royale. Have a separate battle arena specifically for that. While it may give incubators, it wouldn’t give trophies, and it would average out your teams and your dinos levels, so that you can be matched with similar opponents. I’ll explain more later.


I cant even Express how much i would like that
great ideađź‘Ť

how about starting one fight after another?
and showing it on the device of the other two members…
that would give the teams the possibility to talk over voice and give each other tips…

i think thats the best possible way to implement real teamplay

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I would want that. I think if it is in the game its is starting to copy clash Royale more though. So I don’t see why not but does it give like a lot of coins or what

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It would likely give incubators, so some coins, and it could give coins as well, but maybe 1/3 so that it’s more for fun than easy coins

Yea or maybe it would be more like an event thing. So when ever there is an event it would affect that battle thing(3v3) so it’s cooler and more fun and not as boring as pvp

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It could. However, it should also be normal, but in events, it would give better rewards.

So update isn’t working properly yet and you want to add more features… right…

What’s wrong with that?

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Isn’t that the point of these forums? To say when something is wrong, point it out, discuss what needs to happen to create a better game, and create new features? Just because the system currently is still bugged doesn’t mean that someone can come up and post something new.

I know this is off topic, but how do I get people to join an alliance?

Of course, that’s the point of a forum.

But there is a list of big mistakes and errors still running in the game that I wouldn’t bother to propose anything new until they are solved.

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I see your point.

Doesn’t stop Ludia. Friendly battles have been buggy for almost a year now but they still rolled out raids which while not perfect are very much smoother in comparison.