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3x Coin Rewards

I am thankful for the event with 3x coin rewards, but I only have one available reward to roll a 1 and receive 75 coins x3. However, the reward options are loaded with gems that won’t multiply.

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You are correct. This is the typical table for double/triple gem events with the multiplier and cost of entry for a triple gold event.

It isn’t a mistake per se, since the gold is still tripled. But it’s clearly a deviation from the pattern we’re used to.

Irregardless, this is very much a beneficial table for players. On a 3 dice roll, there’s > 50 to hit a profitable gem. If you hit the 20 it pays for 12 runs, which happens once on average once every 7 runs with a 3 dice roll.

It’s kind of like being able to grind gold in the regular challenges but today you can grind gems, basically without limit (avoid the 1 roll) and with better payout ratios (at the expense of worse gear).

Probably one of the most beneficial grindable events in recent memory.

These events do pay out well in comparison to the entry fee. I find them to be the most affordable and effective way to collect gems.

However, I am disturbed by the developer’s recent insistence on hosting these events exclusively in easy challenges. Unfortunately, I am unable to grind all day so I cannot avail myself of the rewards. If events with higher gem rewards returned to harder challenges like Heartcoil Deeps or Lightfinger Estate then the payouts per play would be proportionately higher. This would allow players to complete the event in a reasonable timeframe.

[Edit: I had not noticed the developers unsurprisingly botched the rewards prior to posting my comments]

[Edit 2: It appears the geniuses have deleted the event and recaptured my rewards. :frowning: I payed the toll twice so hopefully they at least return my 30 gems]

[Edit 3: I have not had my gems restored yet and I can not seek assistance from H&S until they resolve my outstanding ticket - for which they seem unwilling to respond]