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4/3 Alliance with 15 open spots. Looking for new active members

We are an international alliance and we are looking for active players to join our alliance to make it first a 4/4 alliance and then higher again.

At this moment we are a 4/3 alliance (with a lot of inactive players).
If you’re active we’ll make place for you.
With a few more active players we’ll be at least 4/4 again.

You need to contribute active to the alliance mission so we can achieve our goals together.
We need active darters and members that are active in battles.
If you’re both that’s even better.

We communicate in an chat app (discord) and in the jwa chat.
If you do have good ideas the make things better, just let us know. Were open for your ideas.

Let me know if you’re interested.
(We don’t care what your level is, just be very active).

I’m actually looking for an alliance. Planning to leave a drama alliance after this week’s rewards and go find somewhere more chill. Name’s Alduin in-game as well. I’m fairly active and can do battles and DNA and Discord, and if you specifically need something from me I can do it. I’m looking to complete my Pokedex, which means I’d greatly appreciate it if there was an established trading system (but even if that’s not the case, that’s still fine by me). I also have an alt account called Alduintwo with exactly four dinos, it’s great for pumping out daily battle incubators. What’s the alliance called, and would I be welcome to join?

Hello me and my sister are very active on jw. We want an alliance can we maybe join yours ?

Looking for an active clan too, Dutch nationatlity :wink:


Have you found an alliance already? We are a 5/4 alliance and always looking for active members…joining our discord channel is a requirement…let me know if you are interested

Hello, have you found an alliance already. We are a 5/4 alliance and always looking for active members. Joining our discord channel is a requirement. Just let me know if you are interested.