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4 attempts on Unique being told had max 5 attempts

It’s hard enough trying to dart unique but when start getting close after your 4 attempt and waiting for the one you want to come to try and unlocked get told max attempts made so can’t go for it,
Why make it harder , is that why game crashed just as darting on 4th attempt to do me out of my last go
Now going to be coming across unique’s in battle where others got fair chance to obtain and I got a crash during attempt 4 and lost attention 5 , I know I would of finished unlocking Thor

Game crashed just as started 4tb attempt at unique dna when came back on said max attempts tried, so I lost out basically on 2 attempts to finish unlocking Thor ,I would of completed the unlock now have no unique

Sort me out please

I’m sorry that happened @Shazbo1963, could you email our support team of the date and time of when you attempted to collect the DNA here at so our team can take a closer look? Thanks!

I have been awaiting reply all day