4 bosses each day. A spawn increase is needed!

Title says it all.

With the release of update 2.3 we will have 4, yes 4, bosses on the map each day.

I’m not complaining about the number of bosses, the more the merrier, but the spawn rate seems to have stayed the same as more are added, meaning each boss is spread more thinly. eg. I didn’t even see a t-rex yesterday and the whole alliance reported the same (very active bunch of 50)

This issue could get very frustrating going forwards


Yeah, ludia may need to tweak the spawn rate of the apex’s now. Practically none of my alliance members had seen a rex in their area, but I was lucky enough to have one, but they still need to fix it because it will prob be annoying at some point

We definitely need a spawn increase anyway.

They should better remove all bosses from the map and make them special tab in game


4 bosses a day is insane! It is hard to coordinate through all alliance members.
They should do max 2-3 booses a day and move some of them to weekends (like easy epic/legends).
It takes a few mins to beat it down so wont affect tournaments at all having bosses during weekends.

The should create Boss Scent to lure them and give everyone at least a few pcs per each rarity instead of spawning them randomly. With 4 bosses a day there is no chance to catch them all with limited spawn…


Noone I usually raid with had a T Rex in reach yesterday. 4 bosses is just far too many to have spread evenly on the map. And it’s too much to do during the week when many people have weekday jobs or school/college. We need increased spawns, and them spread out over weekends

Not sure I want a spawn increase. It is so dang frustrating not being able to select a supply drop or smaller dino on the map because the boss is stomping around on the spot and you have to constantly wait for it to move (and depending on where your positioned, it can make selecting items on the map very difficult).

With as many as there are out now I have had 1 in range in the last 3 weeks. There are several in my alliance that have the same issue. But when traveling to my sons bassoon practice we will see 2 of the same raid boss right next to eachother. I agree they need to increase spawns but they also need to spread them out…