4 crits in a row! Is this out of control?


So something just happened and it was the rarest match i ever play and i want to share it.
So I start with my Monostegotops and he or she start with his Megalosuchus, like a normal match
Then i use my slowing impact and poom!! A crit.
So i was thinking… awesome now i can killed his Mega with one more hit and he use his shield, then i use my nullifying impact and pooom!! another crit, so i was thinking… lol, i’m so lucky :slight_smile: and that put a smile on my face, after that he puts his einiasuchus and he use his ferocious strike and i use my stuning impact and POOM!!! another freaking crit and then i was thinking… ok i know Mono has a 20℅ chance but this is ridiculous, after that he kills my Monostegotops and i say… well finally that was insane and I put my Postimetrodon and do a ferocious strike and POOOOOM!!! another critical hit and then i said… ok ok this is out of control that’s ridiculous and killed it, then he put his Tragodistis and finally i didn’t get a crit, then i killed it and the match end.
So i was thinking share this because it was really rare, i love hit crits but not like this way, was really out of control, and I know that probably never gonna have a match like this because it was extremely lucky but i think that’s ok because it was really unfair for the other player.
Sorry for my bad english and for writting a lot
I take SS of the match but are not in the moment of the crits because that was unexpected
Someone already have a match like this? I wanna know

Sorry for this guy, i know that this match he hate me or he was really angry with my luck :frowning:


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I’m on the receiving end of this type of 1 side rng only mine is with stuns. 3 75% stuns between my stegoceratop n tragod failed when It really mattered. On the other end his stegoceratops stunned with 10%, 33% n 75%.


This morning I did about 5 or 6 battles and every stun landed. Even minimal ones. Not just mine, but my opponent’s too. You can imagine how long it took to play through. It went from being awesome to annoying VERY quickly.


No, this isn’t out of control because this is a thing happening once in thousands and thousands of battles. The people constantly telling us about crits and stuns always landing are forgetting all the battles where they didn’t land.


I’ve taken 3 straight 5% crits, had irex dodge 6/6 attacks against me, indoraptor 5/5, etc.


I’ve had 3 crits in a row with my t-rex in the past, felt bad for the person I was battling against but it’s just how it happened :man_shrugging:


@CleverBoy the same thing happens to me, Indom dont ever dodge and help me win, my stuns hardly work, feels like it’s all stacked against me. I had a Allosinosaurus take out my Tryostronix in one Critical Hit, unreal!!