4 fights in a row i lose for no reason


You drop me from the fights before they load. I reliad the game. Im down 2 dinos to none. This is a joke. Your servers are crap. I want a refund. You are not able to keep up with demands or unable to fix the problems that make this game unplayable.


Best bet is going to iTunes or Google play store and requesting refunds from them. Ludia won’t do anything but keep taking your money.


Ya i did. And if they want to ignore it i can go to google and report the app itself. Honestly. This game is way too buggy to be out of beta. I buy a pack and the take it from me and the store abd take the game currancy so i get nothing and paid $30 plus my vip. I was over the 1500 now cant join any fights and im at 1400 now. This is stupid…