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4 futures solutions to play raids "in the comfort of your home"

Now whilst some people don’t like this update(mostly because they have not yet adapted to it) I actually love it, I have gone from an average of 5300 trophies up to 5700 trophies, I placed rank 7 in the previous rare skill tournament from this weekend and most importantly I have beaten and collected Mortem Rex’s DNA twice, I now have 60 DNA, 50+10. I am excited to wake up to raid bosses each morning the night before, but that always changes. Sure I may be excited, but when I wake up the bosses are completely out of my range. Considering these raid bosses take 15 minutes each try and with Mortem you have to constantly repeat the battle after you lose, today I lost twice until I won, that is basically 45 minutes of wasted mobile data. Sorry if I am complaining about maybe a couple of dollars of mobile data, but I would rather not go over my limit, instead I would prefer to use my Mobile Data on going for walks collecting creatures and maxing out my supply drops, using Mobile Data for battles have never really been the way of this game and shouldn’t be, I don’t want to not be collecting creatures and maxing supply drops, just because I blew mobile data on hours worth of battles. I remember very clearly the first post you made about co-ops stated that you could play the boss raids “in the comfort of your home” I have copied this and pasted just below, yes, I understand you can’t hold your promise on everything and I don’t expect you to add a solution right away but if you are planning on having a solution I have 4 possible solutions that could work.

  1. I feel Ludia needs to add a Boss/Map refresh button in case if we don’t get a boss near our house, that way we can reload the bosses until we have them within range of us, obviously do not be adding this with supply drops as it would be too OP, but I feel you could do this with bosses as sometimes they do actually vary throughout the day with their locations.
  2. Simply just place the bosses on a square grid perfectly 200m from each other, I understand though that this could add quite a bit of lag as there would be tons of bosses on the map.
  3. Add in boss scents, these scents would last for 24 hours and have the boss spawn right on top of you, the thing is though that instead of this thing following you around it would not reset every 2 minutes, instead it will stay in the same spot you spawned it for that day, so if you spawn it at your home and then leave to go to the shops, you will lose sight of the boss, this will help so it isn’t constantly in your face on the screen, but when you return home the boss will spawn right under the scent, now this scent would be based on when dawn starts, after dawn starts your scent will start to lose value in time, but that would basically be the same as now, I think number 3 is one of the best solutions so far.
  4. Create a battle system like we see in Jurassic World The Game, instead of having every single battle event on the map, have them shown in the battle mode for an extra section called: Daily Events, it would come up with all the battles you would normally see on the map, like the boost strikes, scent, incubator, etc. I think this solution could be too simple though and would kind of ruin the point of “exploring your world” but at the same time, some of us are still experiencing a pandemic and can not currently “explore our world” so this option could work.

Please Ludia, I just want one solution where I wake up and am 100% guaranteed I can fight a Raid boss at any time of the day, “in the comfort of my home”

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You know what, a separate, daily battle event tab would be great for the raids.

even better, they could treat it like a regular mmo or moba team- let you choose a role and propose a dino for that role and let the game matchmake full teams to take it on.

finding people to do the raids with AND be able to communicate with them is the hardest part, since tabbing out to other apps like texts and other things interrupts communication with the jwa service, and you can’t communicate with your alliance while searching for raid members.

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