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4 grey boxes?

When I go I to my collection and scroll to the bottom there are four greyed out boxes. As these are not hybrids does that mean that there are four new prehistorics not just the three originally named in the 1.9 notes?

the turtle, the new terror bird and the pig. and the hybrid of the turtle

The tortoise hybrid is already visible in purple in the incomplete hybrids section.

I was thinking the same thing, then I remembered there’s 2 tortoise hybrids, Carbotoceratops and Smilonemys. Carbotoceratops is a Nasutoceratops hybrid, so if you haven’t unlocked that, it’ll be greyed out.

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It could be that as I only have 1 tortoise hybrid visible

There’s a hybrid with Nasutoceratops, did you create that yet? Any other relevant dinos that you may not have created yet?

I haven’t created either yet. The Nasutoceratops hybrid is in purple on my screen. The other must be greyed out.

I have yet to see any of the new cenozoic animals yet

You didn’t create smilocephalo?

Other than the two from the films I don’t bother with hybrids. I play actual dinosaurs/prehistorics.

Ah, then that’s why you can’t see Smilonemys. Plus the 3 new cenozoics. That’s 4! Once you get Carbonemys you’ll see the unique too.

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