4 hours of hunting, only saw 2 Epics


… and they were both Koolasuchus’s

Today was not a good day >.< maybe the UE Boom on the BMX is scaring em off

(other than the daily Dino obviously)


Had an Ouranosaurus ambush me at lunch today.

Saw a Nodapatosaurus earlier in the morning, too.

Meagre gains on both since I’m a mediocre shot. But that’s also way less than 4 hours…


Drove around and only saw the featured epic dino


Hmm, yesterday I’ve seen a Pyroraptor near our Main Station, then T-Rex on my way to lunch (disappeared when I had to wait to cross the street) … 2x Ouranosaurus near home … another Ouranosaurus when I went to the supermarket (but was too far away, ignored it) … and Erlikosaurus during late-night-hunting.

Can’t complain.