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4 idea hybride



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If ya doing request…pls drew Parasaurolophus Gen 2 + Dracorex

no problem.

here it is

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There’s probably going to be Dilophoboa from Dilophosaurus gen 2 fused with Titanoboa

Is it the collar of my titanoboa that makes you think that???

No, because once a person told me that when I was thinking of Baryoboa

Ok @Dimetrocarnus

Hah that’s nice XD

While Dracorex is already use for Dracolophus! I suggest to make a Dracorex gen 2 and fuse it with the Triceratops gen 2 to make Dracoceratops! Can u draw its final form? It’s easy just amplify everything! Stats could be a Class Canon!

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It’s stats literally a lower Pachygalosaurus :slight_smile: but the looks is nice!!

you’re welcome, but it’s more life than an erliphosaurus …

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