4 kills in a match!

Has anyone else ever killed 4 creatures in a Match? Just wondering if anyone else has done it.

Yeah mostly with Titanoboa in rare occasions if opponent runs and loses two creatures due to rampage


I didnt think that was possible

Yes, I have like 5 times

It happens sometimes in tournaments.
Let‘s say the the opponent has lost two creatures, one is very low on hp and the other one almost dead while facing Titanoboa.
Titanoboa goes for Rampage but opponent tries to swap out. The dino dies due to the rampage on escape (3 dead) but the Titanoboa still get its hit on the swapped in dino that dies because its hp are too low. Thus leading to a 4 kill win.

Hope it‘s understandable the way I described it, I‘m pretty tired right now and English isn‘t my native language :joy:


I understand completely thanks

yup thanks to Spinoconstrictor

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Yeah, that’s is why I was asking.

It works sometimes with the Titanoboa’s On escape Rampage

Managed it with Spinoconstrictor too in PvP if I recall correctly.

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