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4 looking for new alliance

Hi, I know I’ve just joined here however there are 4 active players looking for a new alliance. All have been playing for a couple of months or so. Just got kicked for trying to get players to be more active. Only 15 of the 5 had done any battles.

Level 11
Level 9 x 3

We all donate, do our daily challenges, fight bosses where we can.

Hi there. Do all your players have discord? If so please send me a friend request and let me see what I can do. Discord ID is Blue3y3s#0464

If you’re willing to work with a new alliance then my alliance The Phantom ThievesX are recruiting. Discord is a must and while level 10 is usually the min since I’m desperately looking for members (I’m the only one at the moment) I will make exceptions. Like I said it’s a brand new alliance but I already have a discord server set up.

Be active, get your 10 tourney ko’s and try to donate when you ask for DNA.

Message me on discord if interested. JustAGirlOnDiscord#2245

You would all be welcome in Diggies club. Very relaxed group. Criteria for joining is simply play the game. We don’t use discord. We have recently cleared out non players. We have our membership up to 25 now. Not everyone battles, so not all have a “score” but they do there bit in other ways.

Join RaptorKilla today! Young alliance looking for active members.

If you haven’t joined any yet… We have a smaller group of international players. We have level 14, 24 & 30 bosses I have yet to conquer :joy: I’m working on that LOL

Our team is XxWolfPackxX

LittleRedRidingHood would be more than happy for the new members.