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4 on 4 Team Battles (Level 26)

I think 3.0 should add Team battles

Team battles will need to be done in both these 2 ways.

One way is you just poke Join Team battle which will put you in a random team of 4.

The second way would be to form a team with your alliance members first. Once your team is formed, then the group leader would hit join team battle. Your alliance may or may not play another alliance but most likely just groups of random 4 players.

In the waiting screen, it will show players as they begin to fill up the 8 slots, or leave if they cant wait. Once all 8 slots are filled, the battling begins.

This works the same as PvP battles for each team member. You get 4 random creatures to play from your 8 and you pick one to start. Each team member is out when 3 of their 4 creatures are taken down.

Players can play the same way as the 1 on 1 PvP in doing hit and run and swapping.

Alliance Teams earn alliance trophy’s and win counts. This is only achieved when your alliance plays as a team. Your alliance trophy’s and win counts will show to players requesting an alliance. If a player wants an active battling alliance, they request to join Alliances with a high trophy and win counts.

Take down points are earned toward rewards. The winning team will always have 12 takedowns. Players who play on random made teams will also earn take down points for their alliance with 1/4 (rounded) of the takedowns made by the random team, win or lose. If your random team wins, you bring in 4 takedown points for your alliance. Players must have participated in team battles to receive the take down incubators prior to achieving the necessary amount of takedowns. It takes 10 takedowns for a daily battle incubator. It will take 40 for an alliance battle incubator. Only one incubator can be earned per day, the same as daily incubators.

Alliance takedown incubators should have random exclusive creatures to encourage participation.

Other thoughts: I didn’t think this would work well at all if players used creatures their actual level. High level players would get frustrated if they bring in their level 30 team and the rest of the players have low to mid level teen teams. I thought setting this to be skilled level 26 teams would work the best. This way it can still be somewhat of a challenge to organized alliances. If this was player level creature teams, the organized alliances would run over everyone. They may anyway but at least everyone would have a chance for some takedown points.


when i read team battles i was thinking more along the lines of 2v2 type deals. however, i feel ludia is already working out the logistics of having multiple creatures from both opponents on the field at the same time. otherwise swap in attacks wouldnt need to specify what they target since nothing that allows multiple creatures on the field has the ability to have swap ins happen.


They way they are setting up the creatures, I assume they are working on this. I was going 4 vs 4 because of the raids. It could work 3 vs 3 also. We’ll see, I’m going to say, “when it comes”.

The down side is it’s going to be long battles with all the animations… like raids.

If they were to go with players actual creature levels and boosts, then you go into a match hoping one of your teammates has some highly boosted apex’s and pulls your team a win.