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4 players looking for alliance!

Hi folks. Our alliance has ground to a halt (over 18 months tbh) so 4 of us are jumping ship. We would love to see the riches of an active alliance!!

I’m personally very active, must play around 1.5 hours a day for years now, making sure I hit my daily targets even on holiday! But with a full-time job and kids, I have to play at my convenience. I can join discord but just can’t work to a timetable.

The other 3 guys are keen and able players, although I don’t expect they’re hardcore.

Let me know if there’s a good fit for us out there!

Hi Sierra Hotel, I have sent you a DM. Regards, Nes

Do you have a discord

Hi SierraHotel! Have your 3 friends & you found an alliance yet? If not , please contact me on Discord at BigKinR(Don)#4030 or by replying here.