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4-star dragons

K so I’m level 19 I am in love with this game,I just have one problem. I heard that once you hit level 15-20 your supposed to at least to have 1 four star and I have been getting nothing I’ve even tried the legendary dragon draft and got a Trip fire. Is there a sure fire way to get it or it’s just bad luck

Only sure fire way is to be in a clan that is getting level 7 chests! I was way more than level 19 by then! If you can do the 10+1 draft you are guaranteed a 4* - but costs 4000 runes. If you are at the level where you can breed 4* that is probably the way to go. Two 3*s in the breedery.

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Yes I’m doing that with my trip fire and pincher right now. As you can see in need a 4 star desperately. My clan is on legendary dragons and I’m doing chip damage.

@NightLight4 is spot on with their advice! There’s also the quests that come up every now and again that rewards you with a 4* of the breed at the final node, like the one we have right now with the ‘Bring Your Own Buffalord’.

Also, your initial post was flagged because your picture shows your support key, which you don’t want to post! That key’s only for the support team. If you wouldn’t mind editing that out, or replacing the picture with another that doesn’t show it, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

And good luck with getting a 4*! :grinning:

K thanks you

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I am pretty sure he won’t be able to defeat the last stage of bring your own… with only 2* and 3* on his team

Proper maxed 3 stars such as Torch, Anveil, Brute-Wurst and others combined to a good team (abilities working together) will let you reach the last few stages for sure. And even if you spend 300-600 runes for revives and lots of energy - so what, if you get a guaranteed 4 star of a specific breed that you maybe bred for for months before this quest popped up.

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With that specific team he has shown, it’s true that it’s doubtful. But we don’t know who else he has in his roster, and as @Bee stated, you can get pretty far with a 3* team if it’s composed well.

And he did ask for sure fire ways! So I wanted to mention it, since it’s something one can aim for with continuous team building and or spending a few runes for revives. It was the only other way not mentioned that I could think of.

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