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Fixed amount of hybrid DNA per fusion
I’ve seen a lot of people who are frustrated by the current random fusions, especially when you get several 10s in a row. I really can’t see what the random fusions are supposed to add to the game, and I also can’t see how it would benefit Ludia (i.e. make players spend more money). The only thing it does is makes you get DNA faster than you deserve for some creatures and slower than you deserve for others. I think 20 DNA per fusion would be a suitable amount.

DNA rewards for walking distance
Like eggs and buddies in Pokémon Go. If you go for a long walk and the spawns are not what you’re hoping for, at least you will always get something out of the walk. From Ludia’s perspective, it may make people more inclined to buy scents because if the scent spawns are not good they will anyway get rewarded for the distance they walked to get double spawns.

Event themes based on the creatures’ real-world characteristics
Virtually all themes except special occasions are based on the creatures’ battle abilities. I’ve seen many people who find it repetitive when the same themes are recycled over and over again. Themes could instead be based on things like taxonomic group, when and where the creatures lived and when they were discovered. I’m not suggesting replacing the current themes, only to add some variation.

Fixed trophy gains and losses per battle
The current trophy system seems to be based on an Elo ranking or something similar. This makes sense in games where competitors near each other in the rankings play against opponents with very different rankings. But it is superfluous when you only play against players near you in the ranking, especially when the RNG plays such a big role that your chances are about 50-50 against any opponent that you are matched up against. It would make much more sense and be much fairer if you always gained or lost the same amount of trophies for a battle.


I’m sure you are trying to make some sort of point but I really can’t see what it might be.


some suggestions are really good but personally I don’t want the walking distance reward. Similar to pogo people who drive around would benefit even more or ludia would have to implement speed cap (it would hurt us all :smiley: )


It is perfectly clear what points I am making in my post, whether you agree with them or not.


I can see why if you “don’t agree” by making what I assume is an attempt at some kind of personal attack. You might get into less trouble if you instead argued for your opinion civilly and factually, like RoadToHell0 in this thread.


IFK8 dont even bother with this dude. Biggest troll on this forum, just ignore him. He literally just spends his day coming here to argue with people. Look through any post…he’s there…making stupid arguements.

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For what my opinion is worth, I agree with all your suggestions but the last one. I dont want to lose 40 trophies for losing against someone who who is 300 trophies higher than me. It would really be a killer to your rank if you happened to get matched up with several higher ranked opponents in a row.

In my opinion, the way they do trophies now is the best solution.

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10 is your default count for DNA fusion. The rest is randomly assigned bonuses.

There is no need for buddies or eggs. The reward for walking is walking. Your upset over the time investment for DNA and then ask for more things to invest time in.

They just did an event based off of Asiatic dinosaurs for Chinese lunar new years. But they are only so many themes they can do as there is only so many dinosaurs in game. Since it’s a weekly change up that’s 52 themes a year. Most of which are in fact based off of dinosaur move themes and behaviours.

The trophy win loss amounts are fixed. (popular logic) ties them to your opponent trophy count.
If your winning and losing at 50 50 rate it’s no wonder why your un happy as your going down in rank.

So all told this post really don’t make alot of sense.


Maybe it’s different in different arenas, but for me in arena 7 the RNG makes a bigger difference than the difference in trophies. Today I lost two battles because the opponent got a fluke critical hit at the last attack when I would have won otherwise, and I also won a couple of battles where I was very lucky with critical hits.


Only good point is first one, but even that isn’t entirely explained. If you are talking about fixed DNA amount that mean you every time get same amount (always 20DNA) which isn’t much better than 4 fusions 10 and one 60 DNA. If you mean fixed lowest amount then you need to write that.

Point two: JWA isn’t PoGo don’t try to make it like PoGo.

Point three: What you are talking about? With repeating same themes we get much needed very rare DNA. Random themes could be really bad with useless DNA. Also more themes mean less repeats and less extremely rare DNA.

Point four: you want to explain something, but its all just one big mess without real suggestion.

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It’s not a “bonus” when it makes up on average about 50% of your DNA from fusions. And you’re not making any argument about why the current system is better than my suggestion.

Again, you’re not actually making any argument against my suggestion.

Like I wrote, “except special occasions”. Lunar New Year was a special occasion. “But they are only so many themes they can do as there is only so many dinosaurs in game.” The number of creatures doesn’t have anything to do with them reusing the same combinations. With all the possible combinations of the creatures currently in the game, they could make new themes every week for years without repeating themselves. What I’m asking is to utilise more of those possible combinations.

I’m not “unhappy” about losing trophies because I don’t care, I only battle for incubators. This suggestion is in response to many complaints from other people I’ve seen on this forum and elsewhere.


What the better speaking post said right above yours.


I mean that you should always get 20 DNA per fusion, no more and no less. It is better than getting 80 DNA from 7 fusions like I did when I created Indominus. I still can’t see how the current system is in any way better than my suggestion.

Yeah, it’s not like JWA have used any other ideas from Pokémon Go…

Why would we get less useful DNA with my suggestion? You would still get the same creatures as often, only in different weekly combinations.

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Why exactly does more themes mean less valuable dna? You chewed into the OP about making points without explaining, so explain your point? I think the OP means that some of the current themes (lockdown for instance) have such crud for dinos that the whole week is a snooze fest. Some battle skills just arent relavent so by switching up the theme to something that isnt skill set related you have a better chance of having useful dinos featured.

Its a matter of opinion, and his opinion is equally correct as yours, so your rude approach to responding is unecessary.


Funny how opinion valuation equals…

I have an opinion that is valuable because every opinion is valid and valuable.

But not the ones against mine.

I’m trying to have a discussion translates into…

I’m talking you can’t.

This is not aimed at the OP.


More themes, especially different themes on real life or on time when certain dinos lived, mean that is less likely some extremely rare dinos (Erliko, Ankylo, Sino, Kentro…) will appear. Even less likely they will be a part of more themes, like Sino was in past months. More “empty” weeks mean less money for company, so why would they do that. Would be way better that they do more surveys for dino themes. We would have dinos we need and they would get more money.

Not sure where I was rude. Have no intention to be.


I was afraid of that. Getting always 20 per fusion isn’t much better than 10 fusions. For unique you still need 13 fusions. It’s better 5 10 fusions, 3 x 30, once 40, once 50 and one 20.

But I would agree with minimum 20 fusion.


Right on, well glad there was no intention to be rude. There’s too much of that lately on here…though nowhere near as bad as the JWA page if anyone has ever had the displeasure of reading those comment sections.

I agree that boring weeks mean less money for Ludia so I would hope that if they drummed up some new themes then they would be fairly decent. The last few new ones they’ve created have been pretty solid, though I know they were special events.


I am currently fusing DNA for two uniques and have about 2/3 of the required DNA for each. At the current pace I will need much less than 13 fusions for one and much more than 13 fusions for the other. I would rather need exactly 13 fusions for every unique. I would also prefer to know how much component DNA I will need. Especially with superhybrids there is a very large uncertainty in how much DNA you will need from the components of the components (e.g. Sinoceratops for Thoradolosaur).


If this is in response to my last comment, can you show me where in the table it says how many fusions I will need to get a certain amount of DNA, because I can’t find it.