4 takedowns in a match!

It turns out it is possible. I was fighting in tournament with titanoboa vs a giraffatitan, and I was up 2-1. The girraf was low health, so i clicked precise rampage, but he swapped. The on escape rampage killed the giraff, and a delta swapped in. The precise rampage I had selected killed the delta, doing exactly enough. Thus, it was 4 takedowns.

It’s interesting how this can happen, and i also love boa’s animations. Anyone else done anything like this?


I didn’t think that could happen. I guess the new mechanics make it possible. not even counter attackers could make this happen.


Not using regular boa, (curse the sancs) but i have been using G2. Loving her animations.

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Yeah Boa can attack fourth creature after killing third creature with on escape Rampage. Happened to me. Last came out Trex.

Yeah, it’s an unintuitive mechanic.

Although I noticed that too earlier, it’s not something at the front of my mind. So in a battle, knowing I am dead either way, I purposefully decided to try to swap to get killed by the on-opponent-swap mechanic, for the giggles. Which of course was a mistake with this mechanic, because not only did I lose my choice of next creature, but I also took Boa’s attack for free.

Luckily, I did end up winning that, but still. this behaviour does not seem intended but rather a bug. One would expect it to work as counter-attack on hit and run. But it doesn’t.

Didn’t we have this glitch before? A long, long time ago?

If I remember right, @TeaRekz predicted this on the release notes thread.

In the release notes, it’s specified that dead dinos cannot run as part of a hit-and-run move, but they can swap out manually. This is exactly what’s happening.

Imagine If by pulling this off you got extra trophies :laughing:


I wish! Maybe double lol

I said this when patch note came out. This isn’t what I’m surprised by

This happened to me back in 1.4 lol. All I remember was my tupanda (I loved this thing a lot back then) dying to a counter attack after doing an impact And Run, then something switched in and an attack happened which killed them. I lost 2-4