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4 turn Pyrri takedown

Alternative method using two Tragods:

*updated guide


Were any of those boosted?

cool idea might be using it thanks

Why is rending takedown doing the same amount of do second turn? Bug? I guess it work also for the other boss so.

it is not rend resisted huh, i taught every boss is 80% rend resisted.
But all the damage is done by THYLACOTATOR

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@Persianking44 no boosts are needed. However, in this video Irritator is health boosted.

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It is Rend resistant but only 67% not 80%.

We did it with lvl 16 irritator with 1 health boost.
Crucial in this strategy is Thyla doesn’t have any attack boosts on it or the first pounce goes to thyla instead of tragodistis (their base attack at lvl 20 is equal)
Thanks for the strategy!

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Good to know about Thyla, we have done it with health and speed boosted Thylas but not one with attack boosts.

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Yeah we found that out using a lvl 19 tragodistis… first pounce kept hitting Thyla. Apart from 1 health boost on lvl 16 irritator all others were unboosted. It’s a great strategy!

Just tried this strategy but rending takedown did practically no damage to pyyritator. Maybe it was bugged and now it’s fixed

Hi! I have a level 18 tragodist, can somebody help me battle the boss with this strategy ?

I’m Hex #2062 in the game

I managed to do it, following this strategy, with a level 18 trago, a level 17 irritator, and level 20 thyla and trago
Turn 1:
Irri RTC
Thyla Prowl
Tragod Vulnerability ( the level 18 trago)
Tragod Shield
Turn 2:
Irri Strike
Thyla Rend
Tragod Heal
Tragod Heal
Turn 3:
Irri GT
Thyla Prowl
Tragod with lesser HP Shield
Tragod with highest HP Vulnerability
Turn 4:
Irri Strike
Thyla Rend
Tragods doesn’t matter

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Thyla only needs to be 19 and skoola can be 16, it needs to slow archy and get the first GD off

that’s amazing! I was getting the message of failure to join raid all day trying to do this. Was it being patched?

It took some trial and failure, but we finally defeated it with L19 Skoolasaurus, L19 Carnotarkus, L20 Paramoloch, and L20 Diloranosaurus. Hope that helps some of you.

I tried and tried today, but the strategy wouldn’t work. :skull:

Looks like Archae has possibly changed its moves and is now clearing the taunt from Skoola on turn 2.

Did the raid first thing this morning and it was fine but several other attempts failed (although there was a big mix of boosted creatures that messed the order up).

We did It today and It worked

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