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-40/-20 | +20/+40 system

Now that it has almost been a month since the new season started, what do people think of the trophy system. I am a bit biased in my case as I went from 5400-5600 to around 5900 and managed to unlock nublar shores a couple of days ago but I would like to hear more feedback about it. In my alliance, a couple more players managed to unlock nublar shores or gyrosphere depot this season, so overall people seem happy about it, even though there are always the once in a while complaint of losing 40 trophies to a stronger team (whatever this means).


I haven’t found that it affected my high/low trophy numbers so much as caused those gains and losses to be more in the moment noticeable. I prefer it this way for sure

Not sure if it means much, but I’ve found myself consistently lower by around just under a 100 trophies than last season.

It’s a really good system especially if u r in Avary.

I’ve been lower by 100 trophies all season on all 3 accounts.

Probably because I’m rubbish at pvp!

I like it.
I can keep up with volume battlers.
Without it they just pull away due to more play time.

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Exactly this. I don’t have to grind as much to keep up.

I suck either way. I’m just glad tournaments went back to 30/30. I don’t care what arena does. I just lose enough until I win to fill incubators.

I’m about 100 down as well. Granted, thsts the border of aviary and library. It sucks. I hate it. Havent actually battled in the arena in days.

In library. About 200 trophies lower