40 times through and no D20

Happens too often where I grind ridiculously and can’t get a D20.

In 2 days straight of frost silver. No D20 and one measly D12.

I’m starting to think it’s rigged

I have gotten 20 a couple times but not sure how many times I went through.

To get more of a accurate picture you would need to do about 100 and put down every roll and yes in a perfect statistical probability format each number would be their 5 times but that’s not how it goes.

The thing is eventually it should even out but what most don’t get when it comes to things like this is that the previous roll is not remembered by the die or wheel or what ever so it’s a constant new roll never remembering anything that came before it.

You really want a accurate reading you would need to take every roll ever done on here then calculate the percentages of each number that came up.

I am not saying your wrong that it’s not rigged it could very well be, I am just giving you the true odds of probability if all things are equal.

I’ve had multiple times where I did a challenge for 2 days straight and never got a 20.

And I have never ever gotten 2 20’s

I just did the challenge about 8 more times before timer ended and still no 20. Had to be damn near 50 tries by end of reward timer.

I just got a 20 and epic crown about a hour ago.

Didn’t do the double event just the normal

Think I did about 10 runs today.

it happens, that’s what rng is all about, I once got a 20 twice in a row. but whenever the epic wizard wand is the 20 reward in challenges I do them over and over, sharpstone and frostsilver. never get a 20 for that reward though, LOL

Third run into dungeons
Think it’s just we all go through streaks, the rewards and chance to get them are there.