400 Miles of Thursday driving in the last month,,,,

, not a single Purutaurus,what am I doing wrong??? I can’t throw a stick around here on Monday without hitting a Smilodon.


I never see them either. It makes me wonder if they forgot to program them to spawn. I never see Tuesday’s epic, Procerothomimus, either.


Think I’ve only seen one of those , I don’t expect these daily migration Epics to be on every street corner, but his is a bit silly.

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I have also noticed a pretty big difference between seeing Smiley 3 - 4 times on its day, as opposed to the other Epics 0 - 1 on their days.

The ones I see most are Darwin on Saturday and Ankylo on Sundays. Always at least 2. I’ve only found Pur once and it was at night.

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I’ve been finding Puru in seedy warehouse districts. Same with the crocodile

Hybrids have a fraction of the spawn rate of non hybrids

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Exactly hybrid epics in ludias eyes are almost equal to a legendary spawning…

Hybrids and Anky…

I had my very first wild Purutaurus spawn today while I waited at the intersection of two divided highways.

The non hybrid epics have spawned less in recent weeks for me, which makes me sad. I’m averaging around zero. :pensive:
I’ve never seen Procerathomimus.
The rares I do okay, especially Marsupial Lion and Triceratops.

Sunday is wild Anky day. You gotta go out for awhile though. I find a couple at least in 5 miles

I spent an hour driving and not one Darwin. I haven’t seen an epic without a scent in over a week.

The spawn rates of these things needs to be changed.

Thursday I drove around quite a bit, enough to find five epics in the wild: 2 Secondontosaurus, 2 Baryonyx, and a Spinosaurus Gen 2.

I did once spot a Darwin in a completely inaccessible woodland-lowland area. Since it was inaccessible I hope we can agree it doesn’t really count.

Since the introduction of the weekly spawns, Zero Darwin, Procera, Pura

I got lucky and saw these from my house.

The only one i’ve never seen spawn is Purutaurus. I makes me wonder what is the point in having them on the daily spawn schedule if they have a lower spawn rate than normal epics due to being a hybrid. Although I have seen Procera a couple of times. But still what is the point in Puru if people never see it. @Ludia_Developers can you actually think this through please?

Edit: sorry forgot the tagged account hasn’t been used since 2nd May.