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4000 battles for final defense tier?

So the final defense tier is 4000 battles and 2000 take downs, not impossible as my alliance has achieved this before

But come on that’s a little steep

Shouldn’t it be 2000 battles and 4000 take downs? That would make more sense it seems.

I hope the JWA team see this and consider it.

Thank you.


Yes, yes, yes:

  1. 5 lvl defense incubator will be as hard to achieve as 5 lvl exploration
  2. This will need better quality of battle (2 takedowns per battle by average) so no more droppers who play for aliance mission just loosing a lot of battles (and then climb back overlevel opponents)
  3. Lower cap, no need for desperate strategies like above
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Exactly this :arrow_double_up: