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4000+ trophies but in Sorna Marshes?


How did I just battle someone who should be in a completely different arena?


You are matched with opponents based on your trophy amount not your current arena.


So someone who isnt in your arena could still battle you? So they see themselves in the ruins and i see myself in the marshes? is that how that works?


Has to be a delay in updating trophy count, he likely got knocked out of Jurassic ruins, into the marshes…
Trophy count is directly related to arena level.


I think you can actually be in different areas and verse each other. On each persons screen they see the arena they are up to. I don’t know if this used to happen b4 the tourney. Like variation of + or - up to 300 trophies


Makes no sense, as there is such a disparity between the top of an arena and the bottom.
I’ve purposely dropped three arenas down, there are definite experience levels even within one arena.
If what you said were true, I wouldn’t be totally outclassing players on my way back up.


I assume you are nearly top of Sorna. It’s thought to be +/- 400 trophies to match in battle. So you can get matched with people in the early stages of the next arena if you’re near the top of the one you’re in.


Might not make sense, but that’s how it works