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4300 trophy solo player looking for alliance


i have made it this far mostly on my own. my friends don’t play as much as i do and getting alliance missions done is slow with only me contributing. i am active Most days and always down for a friendly battle. Ryuk #6973 =D Thanks in advance

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Hey @LastFour your welcome to join our alliance, is called HeWasNumber1. @Tori_baugh will accept your request to join!


I battled you the other day, was a good battle. :slight_smile:

As @Wilshire1966 said, our Alliance would love to have you. :slight_smile:

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I sent you a request to join hope to see you in game soon!


Hello. If you have di/sc0rd, your efforts will be well appreciated and you will have a run for your money on us not making it easy for you to be top contributor. KillerRaptors